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2-Way Radio Cases

When it comes to two-way radios, we’ve seen and heard it all. Chances are that the brand you’re holding, we have a rugged case for you. One that can handle the daily grind and more. When agencies insist on the finest, they specifically ask for CaseGuys. Below are just a few reasons why we rise above the rest.

  • A full 8oz. (1/8”) top grain cowhide for cases, 10-12 oz. for shoulder and anti-sway straps


  • Custom developed semi-ridged nylon with superior form retention and impact absorption

  • Stainless steel rivets, nickel plated brass snaps, and BONDED nylon stitching for long life

  • Choice of belt attachments to match customer preferences

  • Custom impression stamping to incorporate company’s logo 

  • Prompt delivery and exceptional customer service

  • Customized cases for any device 

  • Made in the USA. Unlike others, we’ve always been here. 

Dialing Up Innovation

While visiting a customer in Schaumburg, Edward saw a mic clip and applied the principal to a detachable swivel device. That turned out to be one of the 5 patents accumulated throughout the years. Others include a swivel belt clip as well as the semi-ridge nylon material (known as Area 51) that has become iconic with the newer leather cases.


You have the radio, we have the case.


Other products to note: 

Our parent company, AW Enterprises Inc. also manufactures items under other brands:



FlightForm – Makes ATA trunk-like cases. Currently, The Stanley Cup is in one. Trophies deserve a champion case, too.



Mint Leather – Specializes in personal leather goods. Made a leather satchel for THE POPE. No big deal, right?